Baby Led Weaning


Third time lucky and surprisingly after a recommendation from one of the MIL’s (I have two) we’re going for Baby Led Weaning (BLW). LM’s interest in food is increased 10 fold if its handed to him and he gets to make the decision himself on what goes into his mouth (attested by a battle fought every time calpol or on the odd occasion gripe water has been on the menu).

We hit the ground running on Sunday and LM joined us at the lunch table on Mothers Day to partake in a particularly lovely NZ lamb roast dinner.

The lose idea of BLW is that from about 6 months the baby is developmentally able to feed themselves and therefore control how much food is eaten. What it also means that provided you leave the salt out of cooking the baby should be able to eat what you are eating and at the same time – so no more separate meals, plastic pots, ice cube trays full of food or purées! Don’t get me wrong I was quite looking forward to developing some more interesting recipes for puréed baby foods but at least this way more food is going in without the struggle that was the spoon feeding process.

What it does mean and you can see from the above picture is MESS!

On Sunday, little man tried roast potato, roast parsnip and sucked very happily on a lovely chunk of lamb. He’s since also had a avocado & full fat cream cheese mix dip on some pita and on broccoli as well as some freshly made organic hommous and he is happy and sucked the life out of the broccoli and he still likes his little Yeo’s.

The thing I’m finding the hardest though, is with his increased intake he needs less milk feeds from Mummy, which makes me a little sad as I do like our evening nursing – its such a calming end to the day.




Weaning Take 2

After 4 days of weaning LM decided that it was nil by mouth unless it came in the shape of mummy’s milk either in a bottle or au natural. So we decided to wait until he got a bit older especially as he did react to the baby rice.

At the start of 25 weeks we decided it was time to introduce some flavours again, so started with some carrot and mango purées as well as some mashed banana and keeping away from grains for now.

On the spur of the moment I also decided that a trip to the baby clinic was overdue. Now whilst LM has doubled his birth weight it seems he has fallen into the 0.4th percentile in weight – cue alarm bells.

I need to clarify here that he is a healthy, happy active little chap who yesterday started sitting up without support and today decided while he already likes to stand-up while you hold him, he’d now like to investigate taking steps as well, so developmentally there is nothing to be concerned about however the Health Visitor pointed out that if he were to get sick (touch wood) there wouldn’t be a lot of room for him to loose any more weight, so her advise goes

  • Increase immediately to 3 meals a day (easier said than done, it seems LM is a little stubborn like both his parents, so if he isn’t hungry – nothing is going through those beautiful little lips)
  • Add in things like creamy mash potato
  • Pasta
  • Petits Filous and so on

About this time I was very glad that my Sister-in-law had talked about her experience with her baby who is now a very healthy, tall and lean 15 year old or I might have gone into a little old-fashioned flat spin. When my niece was a baby she was below the growth chart and my SIL was given a really hard time about this and not a lot of constructive advise. She was eventually told by the doctor to feed her LO:

  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Mash with full fat butter
  • Cheese triangles
  • Petits Filous

All evidence leads me to believe that this has actually done her no visible harm, her strongest affliction is a over zealous like of ketchup on everything (which it appears is a family trait too as the Husband goes mad for it too).

Last night I baked some white fleshed sweet potato aka Kumera, and mixed it in with some of my milk and he ate that up pretty well, more than he has of anything else. The mashed banana I tried in the morning both days hasn’t resulted in much more than a clamped mouth so despite not wanting to introduce sugar into LM’s diet I dutifully went off to buy the Petits Filous after the recommendation from the Health Visitor and where there wasn’t another ‘baby’ option at the supermarket I called into. Only after I’d introduced the first one to LM did I then see at my friends house that Yeo Valley do an organic version ‘little yeo’s’ with no added sugar and more natural ingredients so that will be on the next shopping list along with things like avocado and some good old fashioned root vegetables to try and add some bulk.

I’m trying to take his position in the growth chart with a pinch of salt and remember that he has doubled his weight and seems to be heading in the tall and lean fashion after his father but a little part of me worries that 5.92kg/13ish pounds is very light for 6 month old.