It’s been a while…

OK, so my commitment to this blog hasn’t been up to scratch and life as it so often does has stepped in the way. I am no longer a new Mummy I am a Mummy of two little men, a 3 year old & 1 year old. When I started this blog I was thinking that I would be all about baby led weaning and taking charge. With number two I’ve established that actually just adapting what we eat to lessen/omit salt & sugar wherever possible and you’re there. It helped that LM2 had 8 teeth at 4 months old so introducing food at 5 1/2 months wasn’t a stretch.

I have changed the way our family eats a little, actually in some ways a lot. We use virgin coconut oil a lot more in cooking, I use spelt flour instead of white flour, I’m trying to cut down sugar, luckily sugar only sneaks it’s way into baking, not even in coffee which is black unless it’s a reputable cafe – then it’s a flat white. I also have a number of food intolerances which complicates the food I eat – but the big ones are almonds, raw peanuts, red pepper/red spice and raspberries.

Now, not a resolution as such but the big change I’d like to make in 2016 is is more creativity with vegetables. Inspired a little from Xmas with the half of the family that are vegetarian, I feel like I’ve been a little bit boring and can be more creative with vege & add in some more variety. To that extent I’ve now cooked fennel & celeraic for the first time and the family have accepted it without fuss – phew!

So that’s the mainĀ  update for now, recipe inspiration to follow. A lot of these are adaptions to meet either my store cupboard or dietary requirements.